• Rent MegaPack

    Rent foldable large load carriers starting at EUR 4.20 a month per container.

MegaPack ALPHA

MegaPack ALPHA is the foldable large load carrier that provides savings in storage and transport volumes. Depending on the dimensions, you can reduce volumes by up to 85 percent when empty.

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F-GIBOX Standard is the alternative to mesh boxes. The plastic large load carrier is not only compatible with the steel version, but it is also more lightweight and easier to handle. You can even fold it up to save space.

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MegaPack JUMBO

MegaPack JUMBO is the large load carrier when it comes to transporting heavy loads or components with a high protection requirement. Its unique twin-sheet folding sleeve guarantees a high loadability and robustness at a comparably low weight.

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Who we are

For four decades, Söhner Kunststofftechnik has been the specialist for plastic deep drawing technology and thermoforming. It is one of today’s leading suppliers of returnable plastic transport packaging in Europe. With the highest quality requirements, we develop, design and manufacture innovative solutions for the storage and transport logistics systems of our customers every day. Our product range extends from packaging systems made from twin wall panels to workpiece carriers and trays, as well as foldable large load carriers. For each kind of packaging, we offer allround, 360° service.

How does it work?

Entering into a container rental relationship is easy. Depending on your needs, you choose the container type, quantity and desired time period and we provide you with an individual quotation for renting based on this information. After the conclusion of the contract, we provide our products for pick-up in no time. You use the plastic containers for your logistics and pay a fixed rental price every month. At the end of the rental period, you simply return the rented products to us. Container rental starts from a rental period of three months and an order for 100 containers of each type.

What is Rent MegaPack?

“Rent MegaPack” is the name of our new container rental service that lets you rent our volume-reduced, large load carrier “MegaPack Folding Systems.” The advantage for you: You can invest in new plastic containers without great financial risk because you rent precisely the number of containers you need and pay only for those you actually use. In this way, you can modernize your logistics while retaining your liquidity and flexibility. Our extensive network of logistics service providers is also available to handle all your container management needs.

Why rent? Four advantages to renting


Seasonal or needs-based fluctuations in the availability of large load carriers are compensated.

Process safety

Avoidance of process disturbances or damage to goods due to broken or unsuitable packaging.


High investments in packaging materials are no longer required and fixed capital is reduced.


Lower environmental impact due to the maximum reuse of plastic containers.

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